Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Simple Life

There's not much knitting going on for the next couple of days (actually, I plan to work on DD's cardigan when I sit down for breaks, but that's about it) and here's why:

Before the truck:

After the truck:


There's not a square inch of clear surface at the moment, and the kids' room remains packed to the roof, although Basil clearly considers that advantageous:

We'll get there. In spite of the huge task ahead, it is a tremendous relief to be done with the business of other people traipsing through our space, handling our stuff (not always carefully), commenting (how small the space is, how much work we have ahead of us - Duh! - how much fabric and yarn there is, etc. etc.). As an intensely private introvert, I find this intrusiveness to be one of the hardest parts of moving.


Thanks for all the encouragement on the cardigan. To answer Netter's question, DD loves the way it looks - which I suppose is really all that matters. She has the good fortune to have a complexion which looks smashing in brilliant reds and oranges, so I am confident it will look great on her. It also occured to me, while walking through the Village early this morning (sans camera), that the cardigan reflects the current fall colours almost exactly - the brilliant reds, orange and yellow, a touch of green and the intense blue sky. I'll have to get a photo in the next day or two - perhaps this wasn't such a crazy idea, after all.