Monday, January 29, 2007


I am, by nature, a bit of a non-conformist. In knitting terms, this means that I have an active (though often subconscious) reluctance to knit the patterns that take blogland by storm, the ones "every" knitblogger knits. This, regardless of how lovely, how ingeniously constructed the pattern - it's not a condemnation of the design, just a innate tempermental avoidance of crowds. It took enormous last-minute gifting pressure to get Fetching on my needles (and for the record - I loved the pattern and plan to make more.)

So it was with the Clapotis. As much as I admire Kate Gilbert, I just couldn't bring myself to conform to that degree. Also, most of the ones I was seeing were done in bright variegated yarns, which are not my cup of tea. Plenty of other nice wraps out there, I thought. Then I saw Caro's scarf version in Noro Silk Garden and was instantly, hopelessly, besotted, and when Ram Wools had their amazing anniversary sale the other day, a couple of skeins fell into the shopping cart.I ought to be finishing up the WIP's currently on the go, but I need a little break from grey stockinette: Plus, I woke up in a cold sweat the other night, remembering that Caro said two skeins weren't quite long enough. I then proceeded to spend the wee hours wondering how long that dye lot will still be available, and reminding myself that ordering a single skein at full price plus shipping would negate all the savings that justified the original purchase, at last coming to the realization that I must knit up the two skeins I have Right Now so as to find out for myself before it is too late.
This is also my first Noro adventure. So far, so good - hopefully the rumors of quality improvement are true, because I am in Love with this yarn.