Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sitting Knitting

I've given careful thought to what to do with my hands today while the throngs of ski tourists wander by en route to the spa, the slopes, their rooms. Knitting of course, but it has to be simple enough that I can appear engaged with my surroundings, ready to make friendly eye contact at a moment's notice. And, ahem.... a classy and upscale project. Each of the series of informative emails which I have received from the Arts Council and the hotel itself have gone to great pains to remind me (all the artists, not me personally) that this is a "high end" venue, and that our presentation and appearance should reflect that esthetic - specifically, "no torn jeans or tacky t-shirts", "cleaning up any mess we make" and "showing up on time". And "did we mention, this is a high end venue". I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but I can only assume that the level of conscientious professionalism I take for granted is not necessarily universal in the artistic community.

Well, I think the Silk Garden Clapotis will make the grade. And if I finish the second ball (the third is in the mail), I plan to start this - it's a simple pattern, relying more on big needles than complexity, but still very pretty:

Though not in Icelandic wool, rather this:

I think laceweight mohair / silk qualifies as "high end"!