Thursday, February 01, 2007


Wow - who knew there were so many phone phobes in the world? I feel totally validated and normalized! (And also still bereft of my birthday present - guess I'll have to suck it up and feel the fear one day soon.)

Not much knitting of yarn going on for the last day or so, as I have been working to finish up a couple of necklaces and round out my earring collection (as well as about a million humdrum business-ish tasks - but it's a very good thing as an entrepreneur to have many pressing things to do, because it generally means things of an income-generating nature are happening. Or about to happen.) I figure these weekends will be winners one way or another - either I will be busy selling my work, or I will have eight quiet hours of knitting each day.

Speaking of yarn, I am doing a terrible job of responding personally to comments this week, so I will mention that the Silk Garden colourway is No. 249 - described online as "rose & brown", although there is a lovely blue section that is considerably larger than the rose bit. Here's a gratuitous close-up:

While we're on the topic of blue ( just brimming with original segues today...) remember this?

It is one of my favorite colour images this year, but just didn't lend itself to a stranded colour pattern (though I agree absolutely with Judy's suggestion about dyeing.) The theme of rushing water over translucent blue-green ice worked its way into this necklace, instead:

The stones are chrysoprase and Peruvian blue opal, and the droplets are crocheted in fine silver.