Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Guinevere Usurped

Or at least her sweater. By me. Remember my little baby girl (all 160 lbs of her)?

Or, as she appears now, in her winter coat:

Back when we lived on the prairies, in suburban single family dwellings with fenced yards, she used to sleep in the laundry room and spend the better part of the day outside with her best buddy Lightning (rest his soul). They would dig holes and roll in the mud and snow, and by spring, her coat would be thoroughly felted and stinky (she has ultra sensitive skin, and hates brushing with a passion, though we always made an effort to keep up with it). And since it was awfully hot for her, we always had her shaved right down in the spring.

We thought when we moved to Whistler that we would have to keep her coat short year round, in order to make her bearable to live with as an apartment dog. I had the brilliant idea that the poor dear would need a warm sweater for those long winter walks, and before we moved, ordered 25 balls (let's not get into what that cost) of Alafoss Lopi in a nice heathered ecru.

It turns out that a) with the occasional trip to the groomer, her coat stays quite nice when she spends her days sleeping on the couch and stealing food off the counter, b) she is bone lazy and protests mightily when forced to walk more than a block or so from home (the first year we had her, we worried that she had some hidden orthopedic problem, but it is apparently a trait of the breed), and c) it never really gets all that cold here. So she doesn't actually need a sweater (nor would she likely tolerate it, in any case).

I, on the other hand, would love to have a thick cozy sweater as outerwear for mild winter days - a longish one with big squashy cables, roomy enough for layers, but shapely enough to be distinctly feminine.

The first swatch:
I am looking for big, curvaceous cables that suggest a sort of free spirit that could go looping off wildly at any moment. I have a fiercely intricate Aran design in mind for another day, but for this sweater I want sensuously organic curves rather than primly mathematical knotwork.