Saturday, January 13, 2007

No Steek Today

Instead we've been working on this:

The final frontier of project Downsize Our Lives: the books. Rob and I each did a preliminary cull before we moved. (I got rid of obselete medical texts, he parted with tomes like "The World's Most Offensive Jokes" and "My Jedi Journal". It's a pilot thing.) Since our storage space has turned out to be substantially less than we had hoped at the time of the move, the day has come for the final cull. There are three boxes in the car waiting to go to Goodwill, the two in the chair are also leaving, and the rest..... We'll be covering one wall (at least) of the bedroom in shelving. Really, how could we part with Tolstoy, and Dickens, and Timothy Findley, and Margaret Atwood, and all the other truly great authors who have graced our imaginations. (The Yarn Harlot also made the cut.) We were ruthless, we really were, but there are some books you just can't part with.

But every day's a good day when it ends like this:
Especially when you watch it from the hot tub.