Monday, January 08, 2007


The gray sweater is past the waist, traversing the bust and heading for the shoulders.

I had a moment of indecision at the waist, as it was time to leave behind the texture patterns, and move into plain stockinette. For some reason, stockinette feels like a sort of design mediocrity - I was tempted to abandon the plan and go for Fancier! More Intricate! The rational part of me quite likes the effect, though - I think the contrast showcases the knit-purl patterns very effectively. Plus, the point of this sweater was to permit myself the luxury of playing with the mathematics of the sleeve cap without having to match up patterns.

I also opted to steek the armscyes so as not to interrupt the soothing rhythm of plain knitting in the round. (I'm all for soothing things right now - the excess of the holiday caught up with my head and my stomach this weekend.)

Here you see the underarm stitches held on one of my trusty KP Options cords, and four steek stitches cast on above them.

Swatch of the day? Maybe later on. As I said, I didn't feel like much of anything requiring original thought this weekend.